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Our vision for the kids of Living Hope is that from birth to grade 5, each child would see the beauty and love of God, and know His redemptive plan as revealed through the Gospel. We do this through God-focused, Christ-centered, and Holy Spirit directed teaching in an age appropriate way that reinforces all of the Bible as God’s story and how each child fits into His Story. Every Sunday, men and women arrive to Living Hope early to set up classrooms, gather teaching aides and craft supplies in order to teach and minister to over 150 children. We are so grateful to those of you who have sacrificially served and taught and cared for the kids of Living Hope. 

Two of our long time volunteers share why they teach kids at Living Hope...

Nurturing…it is what I do. Caring for pets and plants is good training…dogs require more attention than cats, ferns require more water than cacti to thrive...you get the idea. As a teacher in Hope Park’s Younger Ones class, I likewise love to figure out what soothes a child that experiences separation anxiety. One wants to be held, another needs to be distracted with toys and activity, yet others respond to music or strolling. Parents, moms particularly, are better able to engage in worship when they know their little ones are in good hands, being loved and nurtured. 

- Alan May

I have worked in Hope Park Preschool since the early days of Living Hope. My time has always been with the three year olds. To me, that is a great age for children to begin to understand the Gospel. One of the greatest joys for me is to hear them say the name of Jesus. An example is when I explain the Easter story, including the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, as best I can on their level. It is amazing when I finish and ask them is Jesus still dead and I get a resounding , “No, Mr. Keith, Jesus is alive!” That makes is all worthwhile.

- Keith Hamsley

If you’re interested in being a part of LH Kids, visit lhchurch.com/kids today!

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