It is our desire to live in authentic biblical community.


We believe that placing ourselves in small groups gives us the greatest opportunity to seeing that realized.

The same Holy Spirit that was creating this “sense of awe” in the early NT church wants to do the same thing among us. Biblical community is the unique way that God’s Spirit works among us that we don’t experience on our own.  It is in a shared life that we learn to live out the ‘one anothers’ of scripture.

In this shared life, as we develop rich and meaningful relationships, we create the environment where discipleship happens best.  It is in community that we learn how to abide in Jesus Christ, which is the ultimate goal of small group life at Living Hope.  Ultimately, community cannot sustain us as life happens-only Jesus can.  And He does that in the company of friends.

This is why we really want you to find a small group at Living Hope!

How to Find a Small Group

Attend a Small Group Connection at Living Hope.

These 2-Sundays-in-a-row events take place in February and September each year.  The Connections are where we start up our new small groups and invite Living Hopers to meet our new small group leaders as well as others that are searching for a small group.  The environment is fun, easy and gives you a taste of small group life.  At the end of the second Sunday, you decide which small group you’d like to begin a journey with.

Visit the Small Groups table in the commons area at Living Hope any given Sunday.

Stop by and visit with Bill Christian, our Small Groups Pastor, and find out which small groups are currently open for new small group members.  There are always small groups that are actively looking to add new people to their group.

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