At Living Hope our vision is to be a church that proclaims and embodies the hope of the gospel by taking responsibility for the lostness and brokenness around us. To this end, the elders are asking everyone who considers themselves part of Living Hope to join us in giving over the next three years to LH360:Multiply.



Conexion Vertical & Lumina



Over the last 9 years, people of Living Hope have given sacrificially over and above their regular tithes and offerings to LH360, a strategic funding initiative that has allowed us to construct our facility in Piperton, start new churches, train and resource church planters, and fund mission projects around the world.

LH360:Multiply is the next phase of this initiative, in which we are asking God to do exponentially more through Living Hope, as we take an even larger step of faith with 80% of funds going toward church planting, and 20% going toward debt retirement, with an overall goal of 1 Million dollars.

We are very aware of how Christ has healed and restored us. We want everyone to experience the love and grace that we’ve received. We know that the good news of Jesus travels fastest as new churches are planted. So, Living Hope is committed to the work of church planting in every way possible.

Please prayerfully consider how you will be involved in what God is doing to multiply churches through Living Hope, and fill out an online or physical commitment card that will be collected on Sunday, April 14th. 

Here are some of the places that we hope to see Multiply funds put to work.

Leaders Collective

Living Hope has a strategic partnership with Leaders Collective, an organization that’s committed to sending out spiritually and emotionally healthy pastors to plant healthy churches all over the US. At this point, 11 planters have been prepared to start new churches through Living Hope’s support, with 5-6 more being trained each year. These planters spend part of their cohort at Living Hope each year, giving our church a chance to know them and encourage them. Check out Leader’s Collective at

Mosaic Church (Vollintine Evergreen)

Living Hope’s first church plant has merged with another like-minded congregation to become Mosaic Church, continuing the work they began 6 years ago as a diverse, Gospel-centered church, seeking the good of the city.  They are also taking ownership of the Ministry Center at 815 N McLean, which is already home to a neighborhood school and several other ministries; Mosaic will work to make that facility even more of a blessing to the city of Memphis.  Check out Mosaic Church at

The Common (Orange Mound)

This Gospel-centered church was started 2 years ago by Living Hope Church Plant Resident, Broderick Connesero. Planting in one of America’s first African American communities and building on his experience doing student ministry in Orange Mound, Broderick and his team are reaching a new generation of Memphians. Check out Mosaic Church at

The Table Church (East Memphis)

Former Living Hope Mission Pastor Greg Jackson is leading a brand new church that is committed to providing a table of grace and belonging on every street in East Memphis and beyond. Through open homes and open lives, they seek to be a place for people who have left the church or never experienced life in Christ. Check out The Table Church at

Conexion Vertical, Lumina, & Esperanza Viva (Queretaro, Mexico)

Living Hope has a thriving partnership with three different churches in the Queretaro region of Mexico. It started with a connection in the smaller town of Pedro Escobedo with planter Juan Perrusquia; our support was so crucial that the new church took our name, Esperanza Viva. This expanded to a partnership with Conexion Vertical in the region’s larger city and Pastor’s Pablo Digilio and Alex Tarasiuk. And sharing our desire to plant churches, they have already sent out the Digilio’s to plant Lumina Church in a nearby area. Check out Conexion Vertical at

Love Delhi (New Delhi, India)

Pastor Ravi “Jojo” Landge has started a new church movement among urban young adults in India’s capital. Our connection to Ravi grew out of our ongoing partnership with Cooperative Outreach of India, led by his father, Ramesh – an organization that is starting churches and helping orphans throughout northern India. Check out COI at

Seed Funds for New Church Plants

Each year we are connecting with more churches and planters and we want to be ready with resources when God provides new opportunities.

Debt Retirement

Through LH360 giving over the last few years, we have been able to significantly reduce our debt, and we want to continue, so that even more dollars can be redirected to kingdom work.