LH Kids - Come Join Us

My family had a rough 2018. A serious health diagnosis for my husband combined with the loss of some close friendships for both me and our son eventually led to feelings of loneliness and depression throughout our home. We were in a hard place. 

Fortunately, we were blessed by some caring people here at Living Hope who stepped in and truly acted as Jesus’ hands and feet. They prayed for us, offered wise counsel, and just loved on us by listening to our hurting hearts. The gift of their presence and prayers was a real comfort and reminder that regardless of how we felt, we were absolutely not alone. What a difference their compassion made in our lives! In fact, I believe my son’s life was literally saved by it. 

So it was only natural, when I learned that the LHKids program was growing and that more volunteers were desperately needed, that I wanted very much to give back to this church that had done so much to minister to my own family in our time of need. I wanted to express my gratitude to God by meeting the church where IT had a need, serving young families with babies in LHKids. 

I love that it has never really felt like a job or an obligation. I have found so much joy in watching these babies grow and learning more about their unique personalities and preferences every time I am with them. It makes my heart happy to know that the time I am spending caring for them in the classroom gives their parents the freedom to go and enjoy worship without a care or distraction. 

One of the first people I met in the infant room joked that we (volunteers) have a small group of our own in there and she was right. Each week while we play with the children we catch up with each other and share prayer requests. It’s great! Serving in LHKids has absolutely been the best way for me to meet others at church. I get to enjoy fellowship with other volunteers while building relationships with the parents of the babies I help care for! 

Recently, I felt led to begin praying for each little one I’m holding--that they would grow to love the Lord and His Word, and enjoy strong, healthy relationships with their families. Yes, I love my “job.”

Come join us?

- Amy Hale

Living Hope