LH Women's Retreat

Women from Living Hope gathered for an overnight retreat and of course, all the amazing things happened…new relationships formed, existing relationships deepened, amazing food was eaten (that we didn’t have to prepare!) and testimonies were bravely shared. I’m in awe of the stories told from the women in our Living Hope body. 

This past fall, LH Women completed a study in Judges. I couldn’t help but contrast the difference between the Israelites in Judges and the women at the retreat.  The Israelites chose not to share their testimonies and disaster ensued. I looked up at the stage listening to women bare their hearts and could only imagine the souls that were transformed from the words that were shared. 

I’ve never heard a testimony from anyone in my family. I may in fact be the only Christian in my entire family…including grandparents and great grandparents. As a parent, I find it unimaginable to not share how the Lord has redeemed me with my son. It makes me wonder, how many souls are inside those pearly gates that came to know the Lord through hearing someone else’s testimony. Our stories show how the Lord redeemed, healed, restored, and made us a new creation in Christ.

1 Peter 3:15 tell us to “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” People need to hear our stories. They need to hear the everlasting hope in how we have been redeemed and restored! 

This life is the journey that God set aside for YOU before the foundations of the earth were ever formed. He is entrusting you with a story…YOUR story. The hard memories that we are scared to share, are the first ones we need to talk about. The bondage the enemy is using as a stronghold to keep you quiet, let’s release it. Let’s experience freedom, like never before, where those around us…know us - truly know us. What if, church, we actually did this? The Lord has prompted me to share my testimony since the women’s retreat and it’s has been remarkable to see how the Lord has already used it in that short time. And let me just warn you, once you are ready and willing…he may flood your path with opportunity. 

- Lorie Worden

Living Hope