Children & The Gospel

One of my greatest joys is talking to a child about the Gospel. It never gets old hearing a child, sometimes in the simplest of terms, express their recognition of their need of a Savior. Often, I get a glimpse of how God has gifted a child for His Kingdom’s advancement. I can’t help but get excited as I anticipate how God is going to continue to grow and mature this young believer on their journey with Him! 

As exciting as it is for me to talk with kids about Jesus I don’t want to rob parents of the chance to lead their child to Christ. In fact Scripture makes it clear that parents are to be the first and primary spiritual teacher/resource for their kids. I’ve never met a Christian parent who doesn’t want their child to come to Christ. However, I’ve found many who are hesitant to discuss the Gospel with their kids. Their reluctance lies in an understanding of the gravity of the decision. They want to “get it right.”

Parents, take the pressure off! Remember, sharing the Gospel with your child is not a one-time event/discussion, but a day in and day out, on-going conversation. It is pointing your kids to the truth of the Gospel in the everyday mundane as well as in the clearly Spiritual moments that present themselves in a family’s life. 

A few cautions; don’t expect your child to have a deep theological understanding. A child needs to understand:

  • He/she is a sinner unable to do anything about their sin on their own. 

  • God can’t be around sin. 

  • Sin deserves to be punished. 

  • God sent Jesus to take the punishment we deserve. 

  • Jesus never sinned, lived a perfect life, and accepted our punishment. 

  • We can trust Jesus to rescue us from our sin and be our Lord and Savior. 

I have a simple Gospel outline and resources you may borrow so that when your child asks about salvation you will be prepared. Parents, consider practicing sharing the Gospel with each other or with friends. Perhaps start with your own story. Pray and trust Jesus to give you the words. Finally, remember your child’s salvation is a work of the Holy Spirit and not a work of yours. 

- Anita Sisk, Children’s Pastor

Josh Malahy