Neighborhood Christian Center - Collierville

Living Hope is partnering with St. Patrick Presbyterian Church in Collierville to bring Neighborhood Christian Center (NCC) out to our area. As of August, Michelle Green is working daily in Collierville to help our community connect with and served the under-resourced people among us in the name of Christ. She agreed to answer a few questions for us. Be looking for opportunities to meet and serve with Michelle and NCC. 

Tell some of your story. How did you get to NCC and to this role in Collierville?

NCC was always a part of my life as a child. I was a part of all of the youth programs and even volunteered afterwards. After graduating from college, I realized that I wanted to be a part of something that made my hometown strive to be better. I started teaching for a while but realized that God had a different purpose for me - to work in my community through a non-profit ministry. I prayed about it and trusted that God would lead me in the right direction because I knew that this was His plan for my life. I applied for a Case Manager position with NCC and it was the beginning of a new world that I enjoy. I love what I did in that position but I also knew I wanted a larger responsibility. When the opportunity presented itself, I was chosen for Collierville as the Site Director because I am passionate about what I do and because it was what I had always wanted to do.

Tell some of your vision for NCC’s work in our area. 

Our vision is to provide assistance to neighbors in need in hopes to provide evangelism and Christ-centered services that foster stability and sustainability to the families we have the honor to serve, understanding that success looks different for each person or family we serve. Our goal is to meet individuals and families where they are, adapting existing program and service models and developing other services and programs that would best serve our neighbors in need. Our areas of service include: Compassionate Ministries, Adult & Families and Youth Empowerment to Succeed. 

How will churches, including Living Hope, be able to partner with you in your work? 

-Partner churches will share information about our resources with their neighbors. 

-Church members will be utilized as volunteers.

-Churches will host our Couples Programs to build strong marriages and family relationship. 

-Participate in Summer and afterschool initiatives. 

-Participate in the development of job fairs and empowerment programs. 

Other areas of participation will be developed as we learn more about the needs of our target communities. 

Josh Malahy