River Trace Housing Community

May 7, 2017 marks the official beginning of our church plant at River Trace Housing Community—an apartment complex consisting of 440 units with approximately 1,600 people. Due to its nature, our church plant, River Trace Community Church, is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural evangelical church committed to sharing Jesus, strengthening believers, and serving its community. 

Since the beginning of our ministry, Living Hope Church as been a strong partner and encourager. The encouragement comes in many ways—sending teams from time to time to serve in different areas of ministry and support our endeavors financially. One specific area of support has been the Women’s Night Out—a monthly event that gathers women of all walks and cultures for time of fun, fellowship, and feeding of soul. 

In addition to our regular Thursday night Bible Study (07:00PM) and Sunday worship service (11:00AM), our activities include Children’s Bible Club (every Wednesday), Girls’ Club (every Friday), Recreational Ministry (opportunity to carry out gospel conversations with boys and girls while playing basketball on Thursdays afternoon), women’s Night Out (every 3rd Friday of each month), and Men’s Breakfast (4th Saturday of each month). We also have Clothes Closet and Food Pantry. All these services are ways of fulfilling our commitment to share Jesus, strengthen believers, and serve our community and you can be part of any of them. 

While the opportunity to engage many people with the gospel conversations is readily available, River Trace is quite transient community. We are always seeing people come in and go out. Those who hear the gospel seem to take on the role of missionaries rather quickly—they move to other areas as their jobs change or sometimes when they face challenges to maintain their stay. Meanwhile, we continue encouraging those who move to other parts of the state of Tennessee or other states to find a home church. In fact, we keep in touch with some of them to encourage them find a place where their faith can be nurtured. 

As it is true with any church plant, River Trace Community Church is not an exception. We need volunteers to help with the ministries mentioned above. This could mean taking a day in a month to come and help with children while the Women’s Night Out is going on, play basketball with teenagers and youth on Thursdays afternoon, join us on door to door evangelism, and sometimes serve at our block parties, which is a way to create opportunities to engage with people in our community. In addition to all the opportunities to serve, you can also choose to pray for us on a regular basis. This, we believe, is key to healthy development of our ministry. 

Left alone we can do something, but together we can do much more, and accomplish greater things. So, join us in sharing Jesus, strengthening believers, and serving our community. Interested to join us in any activity? Please give us a call or e-mail us at 901-608-1675 or rtchurch020117@gmail.com. 

- Isaias Uaene, Your Kingdom Partner in Church Planting. 

Living Hope