LH Students

When I first visited Living Hope, I knew one whole person in the entire church. The youth group was smaller, but even then, I found that the teachings were amazing. My family kept coming back, and now we are full time attenders. Over just the past 3 or so years, I’ve watched the LH student ministry grow and grow, both in numbers and in fellowship with each other. I’ve met many wonderful people here, and made many friends out of other students and the leaders as well. 

Everyone has a place here. No matter what grade you are in, what problems you have, or how religious you are, you will always be welcomed and brought into a group. All of the lessons seem to be oriented specifically to students as an attempt at touching on all of the issues we have in our lives at this age. For me, personally, I adore all of the current leaders we have in the ministry; I feel like I’ve grown a lot in my relationship with God here, being taught by the likes of our Youth Pastor, Coleton Segars, and the middle school girls’ leader, Emma Stopher. From them I have learned a lot about God, and how to put my faith into practice living in the chaos of this life. I am definitely not the best example of a “good Christian” but I would like to say that I think I have become a better one ever since arriving here. 

The Living Hope student ministry offers classes on Sunday mornings, LHPM on Wednesday nights, and many outside activities for all students. They make sure to not only help us students cultivate our relationships with our Lord, but also our relationships with each other. I look forward to coming to church and seeing everyone here whenever I can! 

- Meredith Dai 

Living Hope