LH Men

There is a movement beginning to happen amongst the men of Living Hope. On the final Friday morning of each month, our men’s ministry has hosted a series of gatherings to connect, encourage, and equip men to make disciples at home and in the marketplace. We have heard from Christian leaders in the business world, like Hamp Holcomb and Travis Slater, about how men can integrate their faith and their work. A few weeks ago, we were challenged by former Alabama All-American Barrett Jones to spend our lives for that which matters – multiplying disciples amongst the nations. God has used each of these gatherings to stir up conversations about our calling to accept responsibility for the brokenness around us.

Additionally, I had the privilege of teaching our Men’s Retreat this year. We spent time unpacking the Great Commandment – to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength – and how we specifically do that as men. We did a deep dive into the challenges and obstacles we face in life, the difficult transition points in our maturity, and the enduring call to love God with our entire being through it all. I sensed the Lord used our time to identify some areas in each of our lives where he would like to apply the hope of the gospel and grow us by his Spirit. I saw men engaging in honest dialogue about their shortcomings, and I witnessed men encouraging one another to persevere through their trials. God always does a work when we walk in the light together in this way.

I long for a day when this current movement builds into a groundswell of men at Living Hope who move toward responsibility, not away from it. I believe that we are on the front end of this even now – the start of a season of spiritual renewal amongst our men. God has begun a work of community and mission in our men that, we pray, will soon bear fruit in our church. 

If you have yet to connect with LH Men, make an effort to attend our next event. We not only want to connect you to community, we want to help enlist you in our mission to take responsibility for the lostness and brokenness around us. This is how we make disciples at Living Hope, and we pray you will join us in this mission.

- Gib Gibson, Pastor of Teaching & Vision 

Living Hope