We Go With Full Hearts

My mama taught me two words to always keep on my lips, thank you; especially when receiving a gift or words of affirmation, or acts of kindness. To be honest if we said thank you each and every time it was appropriate the last two weeks those two words would be the only ones we would have spoken! 

All that you’ve done for us as I move towards retirement overwhelms us. The gifts received, the cards written, the delicious food served, the words spoken, the times of laughter, tears, and prayers will always be remembered. And we can’t forget the hugs . . . how we cherished each and every hug!

We are so excited about the tangible reminders of our time at Living Hope. The painting from the kids of Hope Park, the cookbook signed by so many of you, the drawing of Memphis, the photo book and the scripture blanket all will give us many opportunities to share the Gospel by telling of a community that loves extravagantly because they, too, are loved by the Father of love.

When I, (Anita), came to Living Hope in August 2006 I came to serve and establish a children’s ministry at a new church start. I came because I felt God calling me to Living Hope. What I didn’t realize then, but clearly see now is that God called me to Living Hope not so much to shape the children’s ministry, but to shape me! As all of us together grew the children’s program, God grew me in His love, in His goodness, and in His faithfulness. And, God used YOU as part of His honing process in my life. I know more of Him because of each of you. Richard and I have often talked about how we are forever changed because of our time at LHC. You have become friends, co-laborers and family. 

Thank you. Those two words don’t seem to carry the weight we want to express for our gratitude and appreciation for all Living Hope has done for us not only in the past two weeks, but the previous 12 years. They aren’t weighty enough, but they are what we have to offer so we say again, Thank You. We love you and take you with us as we go. 

- Anita & Richard Sisk

Living Hope