It is our desire to live in Gospel Community.


We believe that means that we follow Jesus together, and demonstrate a commitment to the mission of Jesus together. We call this Gospel Community.

Gospel Community is a family of disciples who are committed to following Jesus, loving one another, and serving their city.

The same Holy Spirit that was creating this “sense of awe” in the early church wants to do the same thing among us. Gospel Community is the unique way that God’s Spirit works among us that we don’t experience on our own. It is in a shared life that we learn to live out the ‘one anothers’ of scripture, better follow Jesus in all of life, and better serve our neighbors.

In this shared life, we develop rich and meaningful relationships, and we create the environment where discipleship happens best. It is in community that we learn how to abide in Jesus Christ. This abiding in Christ is the ultimate goal of Gospel Communities at Living Hope, and not just for us, but also for our city.

In short, Gospel Community is where we Love God, enjoy one another, and engage our city as those who have been called into the life of Christ.

How to Find a Gospel Community

Our GCs meet all over the city. It is our desire to serve our people by helping them find a community to be a part of...

At the same time we believe that all of us are called to participate in the mission of making disciples in the context of Gospel Community.

Three times a year we have Pilot GC's that meet for a 6-8 week period where we go over the rhythms of Gospel Community and discerning what it means for us to make disciples together. Our next Pilot GC begins meeting in June 2019.

If you are invited to be a part of an existing GC please feel free to enjoy getting to know that community!

If you are interested in being a part of our Pilot GC please submit the form below and our GC Pastor Dakota Zook will get you all the information needed!

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