Christ-Centered Parenting

Parents, Every day as you do the very ordinary work of being moms and dads, you are teaching your kids how to live.  The work of parenting has always been challenging, but today you face the added pressure of raising your kids in a world that barely resembles the one you grew up in.  Often, you probably feel ill-equipped especially since the world seems to be changing at breakneck speed!  The good news is that when Christ is the foundation for your parenting you can equip your children to navigate even the most complex issues of today’s culture.  Issues such as human dignity, sexuality, and technology along with others will be addressed.

Sessions will be from 6:30-8:00 on Tuesday nights in April beginning April 10.

Childcare will be offered.  Moms and Dads make every effort to attend.  You will have an opportunity to hear from experts, peers, and those who have walked your path.  Cost is $20/couple. If you’ll need childcare, please register here: