Introducing Coleton Segars 

Hey, Everyone! My name is Coleton Segars, and I am so thankful to be coming on board at LH and serving as the Student Pastor. I wanted to share a little about my story. I grew up about thirty minutes south of Atlanta in Henry County, Georgia. I didn’t grow up going to church. My family was disenfranchised with the church, and it wasn’t a significant part of our lives. We went around Easter and Christmas, but that was really it. I first heard the Gospel when I was 12 years old. I had never heard about Jesus. I had never heard that Jesus loved me and gave His life so that I could live. The idea that He took my sin and paid the penalty so that I could be free was beautiful. I responded to the Gospel in faith and began trying to follow Jesus, but it wasn’t until high school that I was actually discipled by someone who helped me understand what it meant to follow Jesus. Up to that point, I was a nominal Christian, wanting the perks of eternal life without a desire to actually follow and live out my redemptive purpose. A youth pastor finally took me under his wing and began discipling me, and it changed my life. That is one of the reasons I am so passionate about student ministry. 

Shortly after I graduated high school, I felt the Lord calling me into ministry, and my sophomore year of college, I moved to Memphis to pursue that calling. There, I got my start in pastoral ministry and met my wife, Rainey. Rainey and I went to seminary together at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – an MA in Mental Health Counseling for Rainey and a Masters in Divinity for me. We have spent our married life traveling across the country serving in ministry in Chicago, Wisconsin, New York City, and Memphis. We have the most wonderful little boy named Teddy Taylor. He is most of what we talk about and post about on social media. He’s wonderful! He turns two years old today. We also have a Bassett Hound named Andy Stanley who keeps our house in a constant state of disrepair. I love college football (especially UGA), playing golf, and spending time with my family. 

We are so excited to begin serving alongside each of you at Living Hope. We feel so confident that this is where the Lord is calling us to serve. My family and I look forward to getting to know each of you and striving together to follow the way of Jesus for redemption in all things. If you would like to learn more about my family and our lives together, you can follow me on Instagram at @coletonsegars

Blessings, Coleton Segars