Weekly Newsletter – May 21st, 2017

The Long Lost Summer

I remember a summer that seems like a long lost dream. Maybe you do as well. It included days that seemed like they would never end before I heard mom yell for me to come in. There was time for a morning meeting of the minds with my buddies in the neighborhood, mapping out what we would do that day. Summer meant exploring every inch of my grandparents’ country property, finding new creeks, and countless interesting creatures, both dead and alive. I long for these summers. But what my heart misses most is open space.

Open space to explore the country or the city. Space in my calendar. A full, unplanned day. Time to think about whatever comes along. An open vista unhindered by the flickering pixels of a screen of any size. Space in my mind unfilled by every bit of trivial information my thumbs can dig up.

Do you have this? Don’t you think you need it? Does your family need it? Could we set out this summer to create some open space? Space for God to shape the hearts and imaginations of our church, tribes, and families. The temptation is to fill every inch of space with something. We fear open space because we are conditioned
– we just don’t know how to handle a free hour. The Enemy dislikes it, because it provides opportunity to hear the Still Small Voice.

So, here are three movements toward more open space to consider this summer….

  • Regular screen and device-free days or afternoons.
  • Unplanned days or weekends – huddle up with friends or family that morning and decide what to do first.
  • Explore….the city, a park, a forest.God certainly wants our church, Small Groups, and families to have vision, goals, and a plan; to be active in His mission – speaking Good News of our Savior and spotlighting Him with our Good Works. However, along with the dreams of our past summers, we have lost the ability to stop and listen as the Spirit tells us how to fill the spaces in our lives. Our calendar is too full for a new adventure.

So let’s dedicate this summer to recapturing the long, lost summer.

Written by Greg Jackson

Upcoming Events:
1. Summer Picnic: June 4 at 5:30pm at LH:Piperton. Bring your own food. We will have inflatables!
2. Summer Pool Party: July 23 at Collierville YMCA.

Help LH:VE 2017

LH:VE is asking for help with childcare and meals on various Sundays throughout next year. Sign up as an individual, family, small group, or mission community at lhmem.ch/helpve17.

Engage Global : Summer and Beyond

Please look to offer prayer and financial support to those you know going on mission trips this summer! A list of LH trips and prayer needs for each are available at the Mission Workshop in the Commons and at lhchurch.com (click Engage). If you don’t know someone going on one of our summer trips, contact Greg Jackson (gjackson@lhchurch.com) to nd out how to give. Also, begin to pray about joining us for one of our Fall Break mission trips – Washington, DC (October 7-13) or Frankfurt, Germany (October 8-14). Deadlines for both of these will be Sunday, August 6; details are available at the Mission Workshop and at lhchurch.com.

Urban Serve/Urban Plunge

On July 17-22 LH Students will be learning and serving in Memphis during Urban Serve. On Friday and Saturday, July 21-22 Urban Plunge is a 24-hour experience for all at Living Hope who want to learn about ministry in Memphis. The Plunge is open to children 10 and up if accompanied by adults. Housing for both will be at the new bunkhouse at Living Hope’s City Ministry Center. Grab more info at the Mission Workshop or at lhchurch.com/engage.

She Summer Suppers

Ladies, would you like to meet other women of Living Hope? Women at different stages of life, women in a different small group, women you’ve seen at Living Hope but have never met? Then join us for one of our She Summer Suppers. During the months of June and July the She Community will offer several opportunities for women to gather around a table for a meal and friendship. This is a chance for you to reach outside of the women in your small group and meet someone new. If you currently aren’t in a small group this would be a great way for you to get connected to the women of Living Hope. To register for one of the meals go to lhmem.ch/summer-suppers.