The Love Candle: Hope of Comfort

“Were it not for hope, the heart would break” – Scottish Proverb

“The fact that Jesus came to earth where he suffered and died does not remove pain from our lives. But it does show that God did not sit idly by and watch us suffer in isolation. He became one of us.” – Philip Yancey

The second Sunday of Advent is about God’s Love and the comfort it brings. 

The candle lit on this Sunday is sometimes called “the Angels’ Candle” because of how the angels sang of God’s perfect love, as expressed through the coming of Christ. God sent his beloved Son into a dark and disappointing world. Christ died for the sins of ungodly and wicked people. As John 3:16 tells us, these are the ultimate expressions of love. 

In Isaiah 40, we see this Love at work. One of Isaiah’s main tasks as a prophet was to comfort the people of Israel by reminding them of the deep love of God. God did not love the people of Israel because of their many successes; on the contrary, God loved these people despite horrible failures. It is no different with us today. 

Additionally, we can participate in this Love and share it with others, just as we have received it from Christ. 

In this same spirit of Love, the Love candle is lit to remind us of how God’s love is found in Jesus.

Suggested Prayer: 

Lord, we acknowledge our own unworthiness as we receive the loving sacrifice of Christ. We thank you that you would consider us, as guilty men, women and children, people that can still be redeemed. We thank you for the gift of love found in Jesus. Through the kindness that you have shown to every generation, and through the comforting words of your revelation, you continue to put your Love on display. Please help us to trust in your power to wipe away every tear and offer comfort to all the afflicted. We pray this in Jesus’ name, and for your glory. Amen.

Ideas for Activities:

1. As a family, make a list of three or four people (or families) who might easily feel lonely at Christmas time. Consider getting a gift for that person or inviting them over for a meal.

2. Consider planning a family trip to a soup kitchen or donating a gift to a charity.

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