Membership at Living Hope

At Living Hope we believe in meaningful membership, in which people make a commitment to each other to grow and serve together in Biblical community for the sake of the gospel of Jesus.

Requirements for Membership at Living Hope include:

-being a follower of Jesus Christ, having been baptized following conversion.

-attending our Membership Classes (usually a four week class held on Sunday mornings)

-completing Membership paperwork, including a personal testimony of salvation through Christ, and signing the Membership Covenant

Online Membership Course

Membership Covenant

Having been rescued by the grace of God, given freely through the death and resurrection of Christ, and evidenced by profession, repentance, and baptism, we now joyfully covenant with one another, relying upon grace, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to live as a particular people; the Church, God’s mission, Christ’s Body, and Bride.

We will practice loving God by:

Regularly assembling as the gathered church for worship and fellowship.
Living under the authority of Christ, our church body, and our elders.
Praying for and working to keep the Spirit of the bond of peace.
Centering our lives on Christ, through God’s word.
Practicing the discipline and grace of giving.

We will practice living in community by:

Sharing life in the context of a small group.
Using our spiritual gifts in the body of Living Hope.
Challenging one another to spiritual growth and transformation.
Living out the “one anothers” of Scripture.
Intentionally making disciples of Jesus.

We will practice serving our world by:

Proclaiming the words and works of Jesus to those in our neighborhoods, in Memphis, and in the world.
Embodying God’s care and compassion for the poor.
Using our spiritual gifts to serve others in a regular, rhythmed, and growing fashion.
Serving alongside one another, in the context of community.
Praying for the advancement of the Gospel in the areas where we serve.