Tuesday, December 12

John 3:16-17

Pray today for…

A Living Hope Family

Frontiers – Marseille, France

A family from Living Hope (including their 4 kids) have been serving in Central Asia for the past 3 years. Now, they have moved to Marseille, France, to reach refugees with the Good News and plant churches that will impact cultures and countries that are hard to reach. They are serving with Frontiers, whose motto us, “With love and respect, inviting all Muslim peoples to follow Jesus.” Frontiers’ goal is to reach the over 1000 Muslim people groups who don’t know Jesus by the year 2025. The family from LH is currently learning French and making the difficult adjustment to a new culture, but they are extremely hopeful about the future of God’s work in Marseille.

Find out more at www.frontiersusa.org or contact Greg Jackson (gjackson@lhchurch.com) for information about ways to support these Living Hope missionaries.