Hub Weekend 2017 

There are these moments in the Gospels where the writer describes a time when Jesus gets away with His disciples and begins revealing things to them that are just a bit deeper than what He was teaching the crowds. In these rare moments we get an in-depth insight into some of the inner thoughts of the disciples. In some of the conversations we see what is challenging for the disciples to understand – the sins with which they are struggling, where they are in need of correction, and real questions about who Jesus is and what is really burdening their hearts. This had to be an extremely liberating time for the disciples. Just getting away from everything else and really dealing with what is going on inside of them.

Hub Weekend was a moment similar to this. The students were able to get away from the normal, everyday grind of school, schedules, and relational conflicts, and just be with each another and pursue Jesus. Because of this, our team of leaders took part in small group discussions in which rare forms of honesty came forward. Students began sharing about real struggles they were facing, fears they had, and relational conflicts about which they have been worried for some time. Maybe it was the lack of sleep that lowered their inhibitions, but we were amazed by an unreserved honesty in our conversations and seeing students and leaders rally together to pray for these things and bring them to Jesus.

I think many times we fear bringing our real stuff and laying it out in the open. The issue with this is that all of the things that we’re dealing with stay hidden. They stay in the darkness behind our smiles, our sports, our busyness, and our pseudo-happy social media posts. What’s wonderful about what we experienced this weekend was this – what was brought into the light can now be seen, prayed for, and viewed, maybe for the first time, in the light of the Gospel.

We saw Jesus do an incredible work in the lives of students in just a short time away. Jesus was lifted up in our worship, our teaching, our conversations, and our games and where Jesus is lifted up, He draws people to Himself. We saw that this weekend, and we’re incredibly grateful for the gift of His presence and for you allowing your student to be a part of Hub Weekend 2017.

Written by Coleton Segars, Student Pastor