Good Community Leads to New Community 

Hey! If you haven’t met us by now, we are Adam and Chelsea Fry. We started attending LH Piperton in the fall of last year and really felt the Spirit moving here in the worship and teaching. We knew this was a place where we wanted to get plugged in, so through Discovery class and Small Group Connection, we not only felt called but also welcomed into this body of believers. We joined a Small Group and began doing real life-on-life ministry and discipleship. Through the study of the Word, time in prayer, and breaking of bread, our experiences in the Body became more fruitful and meaningful. As our relationships grew in our Small Group, so too did other relationships within the congregation at Living Hope. Morning greetings became conversations and handshakes became hugs. 

When we were first searching for a church home, we knew that community was an essential role in our faith walk. What the Lord revealed to us was that Christian community is vital for sanctification to take root in the heart. We observed how the communities at LH are so intentional about creating an environment for the Spirit to work, which made it much easier to offer ourselves up transparently. These environments are highly invitational and warm, so that relationships can form to bring about a high challenge and encouragement goal. Being a part of a community that loves each other well and serves each other often helped to create a new desire in our hearts for this church. 

In the early summer of this year, we felt called to start a new Small Group at LH Piperton for young adults. We wanted to facilitate a group that genuinely reflects the love and service we have received through our Small Group. Being a part of a group catered to the specific needs of this age group has been uplifting to our faith and has fostered even more friendships. 

Already we have seen how a newly formed community for Christ can lead us into stronger faith as we encourage one another. The overflow of love and support that our group has received from other members of the church has been instrumental in its success, and for that we cannot thank you all enough. Please keep us in your prayers as we serve together in the greater community of the Body so that we may all strengthen one another; to be as iron sharpening iron.