The Healing Power of Prayer

“Mr. Joseph you’ve had a life-altering event. I cannot do surgery. You need to prepare yourself that you’re probably never going to walk the same again.”

These were the words the hospital surgeon spoke to me 3 1⁄2 years ago after I fell off a ladder and shattered both of my heels. From that moment until now, God has taken my family and I on a journey of healing…a journey that began with severe pain, deep sorrow, and much uncertainty…a journey that had me asking really tough questions about my future. Only through the power of our living God am I able to share with you that this journey began to transition from one of despair to one filled full of hope, joy, provisions, and, yes, miracles.

Over the past 3 1⁄2 years God has provided numerous gifts

that aided in my healing process. From finding an alternate surgeon who actually was able to perform reconstructive surgery, to the opportunity to learn to walk again without the use of leg braces, He faithfully provided and sustained me time and time again. Despite these recovery successes, even including hardware removal surgery, I continued to struggle with daily chronic pain in my feet. I began to prepare myself that daily pain might be my new normal way of life. Little did I know, He had greater plans for me.

This past August I had the opportunity to take my 13-year-old son to JH Ranch, a Christian camp in the remote mountains of northern California. After viewing the itinerary upon arrival, I suddenly realized the enormous amount of walking that would be required. Thankfully, the staff offered the use of a golf cart should I need it.

During the next evening’s worship service, the pastor began sharing his testimony and his empathy for those who struggle with chronic pain. I immediately began to weep uncontrollably.

At the end of his message, I found myself weeping and praying at the front of the stage. A gentle hand soon touched my shoulder and “Mr. Jesse”, an elderly man, knelt in front of me and began to pray for my feet in the name of Jesus. When he finished, I looked up and the service was empty with just my son waiting for me with a hug at the exit.

For the next six days, we engaged in all types of strenuous mountain activities, obstacle courses, hiking, and white water rafting. The staff daily checked in on me to see if I needed the golf cart, and each day my answer was “no, thank you—I don’t need it”. On our final morning of father/son reflection and quiet time, I realized the profound miracle that had happened. For the first time in 3 1⁄2 years, I had absolutely NO pain whatsoever in my feet! We rejoiced and praised God together. What was intended to be just a week of fellowship and father/son bonding time ended up being a miraculous life-altering event that we’ll never forget.

Since returning, I’ve no longer needed to sit on a stool to play my guitar while worshipping with you all on Sunday mornings. I was actually able to run for the first time in 3 1⁄2 years (the last mile of a 5k)! The power of our living God is REAL. His love provides hope to all those who are hurting. His mercies are new every morning.

Thank you to all of our family, Living Hope church family, multiple small group families, and friends who have journeyed alongside of us with faithful prayers, words of encouragement, love, and generous support. All the glory and honor goes to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Humbly in Christ, Peter Joseph