The Vision Becoming Reality in VE

Praise God for all of the work that He is doing through Living Hope Church! In the past few years we have seen God build the network of church plants and partners that we support and work with. I’m very excited to see this network strengthen and grow. And, I know that it is truly a gift from the Lord.

Here’s an update on Living Hope Vollintine Evergreen, our first church plant. We’ve just celebrated our 4th anniversary worship gathering. It has been amazing to see our church family grow in number and maturity. Just last year we developed a new website ( and vision statement: “We desire to be a family of believers that reflects our neighborhoods, transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, grounded in his grace and love, and devoted to the restoration of each other, our city, and our world.”

This statement reflects a major change for us, that our church family is made up of people from outside of Vollintine Evergreen just as much as it is made up people living inside the neighborhood. So, as a church we hope to teach people to minister to whatever neighborhood they live in. We’re hoping to organize some mission as a church, but our goal is to see organic mission happen through the lives of each member. Additionally, we’ve begun a new project just north of us called the Lincoln Ministry House. Lincoln Apartments is a blighted complex that we have been involved with since our beginning, building relationships and serving people there. Recently we have realized that we can be more effective preaching the Gospel at Lincoln if we have a better presence there. God has blessed us with 2 free apartments that we are converting into a miniature community center. At this center we hope to have Bible studies, tutoring, adult education classes, and build deeper relationships.

Another area of growth for us is the City Ministry Center, Living Hope’s building in Vollintine Evergreen. We’ve recently began a new partnership with Multi-National ministries in the hopes of relocating them to our building. While we are still working towards making this relationship official, we are excited at the prospect of working with a strong refugee ministry that has existed in Memphis for over 25 years. All this to say, our building is almost full, something we never thought we’d say. Vollintine Evergreen Neighborhood School provides quality pre-K, Kindergarten, and Aftercare for our nearest neighbors. The Serve 901 Bunkhouse is sending out hundreds of college students and other volunteers to serve Memphis each year. The vision we had when McLean Baptist Church gifted us the facility is coming to life.

I hope this update warms your heart. As a member of Living Hope, you are a major partner in our growth at LHVE. Your labor has helped several of our projects. Your tithes help support the City Ministry Center and our church budget. Your encouragement reminds us that we are not an island in 38107. Your prayers to God on our behalf are being answered.

Written by Justin Burkhead, Pastor and Elder, Living Hope:Vollintine Evergreen