A New Season in the Same Place

Nearly 4 years ago, after 5 amazing years on staff at Living Hope Church, the Watson family was commissioned as church planters to Washington, DC. We arrived in our nation’s capital with a re in our bellies to see the power of Christ transform lives and every sphere of life in D.C.

For our rst season in D.C. we partnered with The District Church where I (Matthew) was on staff and nurtured what would become TDC’s rst church plant. That TDC community, known as the East Side Parish of The District Church, grew numerically, spiritually, and in city-impact, and in August made the beautiful transition to become an autonomous church now called Christ City Church: Washington, DC.

As we step into this new season of life and ministry in D.C., we find ourselves in a strategic moment. Our church is enjoying a great deal of favor in the city. The school in which we meet has embraced us with open arms. Recently the school’s principal, assistant principal, and school- side administrator joined us for worship and had us praying over them as they begin a new school year. Just last week they sent over a series of prayer requests to us on behalf of the school. And this is coming from a DC Public School! Our local city council and neighborhood administration that encompasses the collection of neighborhoods that we identify as our ‘parish’ is planning a series of community-based initiatives and celebrations and has requested Christ City to play a leading role in many of them. As a church we are encouraged at the level of openness and cooperation we’re experiencing with the public sector in a city often known for tension, division and even hostility towards the church.

Our vision to see the reign of Christ in every life and every sphere of life in D.C. took a step forward in the Spring. After a long stretch of disciplining Mary she finally said yes to Christ and yes to being baptized.

Mary has been a part of Christ City for over a year and we’ve walked her through hard circumstances including a period of homelessness. Similarly, Lydia, another woman in our church, but from a very different background, came to a place in her faith where she was prepared to be baptized as a witness of her life in Christ. Lydia is a Harvard educated lawyer working on Capitol Hill.

On the same Sunday, these two women from different backgrounds discovered Christ and discovered a community of faith that was willing to see them bridge the differences through the power of the cross.

Please continue to pray for Christ City Church as we proclaim the reconciling message of the cross in Washington, DC.

Written by Matthew Watson, Pastor, Christ City DC