Weekly Newsletter – May 14th, 2017


A Picture of Motherhood

I know a woman at Living Hope. This woman does not have children of her own. However, she has made it a practice to seek out families within LH whose extended family does not live in the Memphis area. She pours her time, her giftedness, her love into these families to not only come alongside the parents, but also to speak into the children’s lives. She gets to know each child individually so that when an event happens in the child’s life she can provide that special something that says I see and I love you. She gives of her time freely allowing the parents to have date nights, shop alone, a weekend get-away, go on a business trip, or just have a cup of coffee in quiet. She researches and plans activities so that her time with the kids is memorable. She schedules her personal appointments around when the family needs her. In other words she sacrifices for these families. The kids in these families might never have lived in her home, but they clearly live in her heart.

I know a woman at Living Hope. This woman does not have children of her own. Over 12 years ago God placed it on her and her husband’s hearts to start an orphanage in a distant country. Although they turned the orphanage over to nationals years ago she is still known as Mama Mzungu to many in that country all these years later. Her impact on the lives of the children formerly and currently in that orphanage cannot be measured. I truly wonder, as Psalm 127:5 shares, how large her quiver will end up being?

I know a young woman at Living Hope. While she and her husband long for a child God has not given them one yet. This woman uses her empty arms to hold and love on the babies in her small group. She extends the love she desires to lavish on her own child to others as she waits on God to act. She does not give up hoping, but also recognizes that God has given her the chance to make an impact on others’ children even as she waits. She comforts and she cares right along with the mothers in the group.

Webster defines “mother” as a female parent. But that definition seems so limiting to me. In Matthew 12:50 Jesus de ned motherhood differently. He said, “. . . whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

Today as we celebrate mothers let us not forget those that fall within Jesus’ definition of motherhood. Those that, though they don’t meet Webster’s definition, clearly meet God’s.

Written by Anita Sisk, Children’s Pastor
Upcoming Events:
1. Summer Picnic: June 4 at 5:30pm at LH:Piperton. Bring your own food. We will have inflatables!
2. Summer Pool Party: July 23 at Collierville YMCA.

Vollentine-Evergreen Service Opportunity

On Saturday, May 20 from 8am – noon small groups, families, and individuals are needed for a demo day at the Lincoln Apartments (1177 Marble Ave.). This is the beginning of a construction project that will give LH:VE a great space for ministry in the community. If you are able to help out, bring any demolition tools you may have such as hammers, crowbars, dust masks, etc. If you have any questions or want more information, please email Brandon Brown at bbrown@lhchurch.com.

Graduate Recognition

If you have a student graduating from High School this year, we want to invite you to a luncheon for you and your family on May 21. We will also be recognizing the graduates in the service. Please RSVP to Josh at jglidewell@lhchurch.com by today.

Help LH:VE 2017

LH:VE is asking for help with childcare and meals on various Sundays throughout next year. Sign up as an individual, family, small group, or mission community at lhmem.ch/helpve17.

Engage Global : Summer and Beyond

Please look to offer prayer and financial support to those you know going on mission trips this summer! A list of LH trips and prayer needs for each are available at the Mission Workshop in the Commons and at lhchurch.com (click Engage). If you don’t know someone going on one of our summer trips, contact Greg Jackson (gjackson@lhchurch.com) to and out how to give. Also, begin to pray about joining us for one of our Fall Break mission trips – Washington, DC (October 7-13) or Frankfurt, Germany (October 8-14). Deadlines for both of these will be Sunday, August 6; details are available at the Mission Workshop and at lhchurch.com.

She Summer Suppers

Ladies, would you like to meet other women of Living Hope? Women at different stages of life, women in a different small group, women you’ve seen at Living Hope but have never met? Then join us for one of our She Summer Suppers. During the months of June and July the She Community will offer several opportunities for women to gather around a table for a meal and friendship. This is a chance for you to reach outside of the women in your small group and meet someone new. If you currently aren’t in a small group this would be a great way for you to get connected to the women of Living Hope. To register for one of the meals go to lhmem.ch/summer-suppers.

Urban Serve/Urban Plunge

On July 17-22 Living Hope Students will be learning
and serving in Memphis during Urban Serve. On Friday and Saturday, July 21-22 Urban Plunge is a 24-hour experience for all at Living Hope who want to learn about ministry in Memphis. The Plunge is open to children 10 and up if accompanied by adults. Housing for both will be at the new bunkhouse at Living Hope’s City Ministry Center. Grab more info at the Mission Workshop or at lhchurch.com/engage.