Weekly Newsletter – May 7th, 2017

You Might Need a Rope

I recently attended the SHE Event, Grabbing Joy, and I’m certain they meant to add a subtitle “and grab a tissue”. Our speaker shared a story about a man named Ebed-Melech from the book of Jeremiah in the Bible. Jeremiah was in the bottom of a literal pit, and his friend Ebed-Melech rescued him by tying clothes together to make a rope.

We’ve all had times when we’ve been in a pit of some sort. A pit where we’ve needed a “rope” thrown to us. Sometimes we are called to be the rope-thrower, and sometimes we need to let those around us know that we are in need of a rope. That rope can come in many different forms…

It was 5 years ago this month that we moved to Collierville: me, my 19-month-old son Warren, and JackJack the wonder dog. My dad drove the U-Haul over and helped us settle into our new home. Before crossing that mighty Mississippi, my church home prayed over me…protection, fruitful relationships, for us to feel at home in a new city, a church home, and for support.

As I reflect on the past 5 years, I am overwhelmed with the Lord’s blessings. Not only do we feel right at home in Collierville, we’ve made amazing friends, and love our church family. Living Hope, you have loved us well. You have been my rope too many times to count! You’ve sat across from me and poured wisdom and love into me, you’ve invited me to spend holidays with you, you’ve repaired my sheetrock when I was a wee bit overzealous with my DIY skills, you keep my son now that I travel overnight with my job, you’ve been a mentor for Warren and poured into him with the male attention he needs and craves so desperately, and you’ve loaned me your extra vehicle.

When I decided on a whim I would sell our house to move to a house with a yard, you let us live with you for 6 weeks (side note, don’t put a sign in the yard unless you are ready to move out right away!). So that I could attend the She Event, you not only kept Warren…you went all out, Riverkings game, fort sleepover, and took him to his soccer game. You’ve been the hands and feet, the shoulder, the cheerleader, the counselor, the friend, and the family that we need. Those prayers so long ago at my church home in Jonesboro have been answered abundantly.

My prayer as this is shared is that each of us will look for ways to be the rope for those around us and we will feel safe and loved enough to speak up and say, I need some rope. Y’all, being open and vulnerable can be scary…if this scares you, you might need a rope…

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

With lots of love, Lorie Worden

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