Weekly Newsletter – April 30th, 2017

Do I Fit In at a Women’s Retreat?

For weeks, I read about the upcoming She Retreat in Moscow in the church bulletin and then I would turn the page. Even though I am a wife, mother, sister, and daughter I wondered how I would t in with a bunch of women! I asked around and could not find anyone in my “circle” that was attending, so I called my YES friend. Everyone has one of these friends, and if you don’t, you need to find one. This friend is a mother of 3 boys and will do just about anything for a moment of peace and quiet, and that is just how I sold it: a serene countryside with cobblestone pathways, butterflies everywhere, and no children. She of course obliged and off we went following the faint voice of our phone’s GPS to Moscow, with a short coffee detour.

We pulled up to a Pottery Barn Commercial, aka The Country Place, grabbed our overnight bags and walked to the registration table. My YES friend is a member of a large church
in Memphis (it will remain unnamed) and has mastered the art of blending in with the crowd. Their family can walk into church and walk out without being noticed, and deep down I think that is what we were hoping for on this retreat. Fortunately, God had other plans. We were given name tags, greeted by several friendly faces, Anita’s witty humor, and the freedom to wander around until dinner.

The theme for the weekend was Grabbing Joy, and
we anticipated some laughs, stories of friendships, and a oral scripture to put on the fridge when we left. We were wrong. The speaker brought us to the book of Lamentations. Yes, that’s correct… Lamentations!

She discussed that throughout our lives we will experience tremendous joys and sorrows, and we translate these events into ropes. During times of ease and joy we can throw a rope to help someone, and in times of uncertainty and pain we will need someone else to throw us a rope. A voice kept echoing in this room full of women saying, “we are not alone.”

As we drove home, my YES friend and I talked about the different times in our lives when we needed a rope or when we were able to help. She vocalized the joy of accountability she felt among the women at the retreat and how we are made to be known in a community. When I walked into church the next morning, it felt like an M. Night Shamalyan movie, because everywhere I turned I saw a familiar face smiling at me. How does she know me? Why is she smiling? Am I being cornered? Women that I had previous overlooked or walked past now felt familiar; things now felt personal. I belonged in this community.

Written by Rachel Herbst

Upcoming Events
1. Centrikid Camp: June 11-15 at Timber Creek in Pulaski, MS (lhmem.ch/centrikidcamp2017)
2. Student Life Camp: June 15-19 in Orange Beach, AL (lhmem.ch/studentlife2017)

Graduate Recognition

If you have a student graduating from High School this year, we want to invite you to a luncheon for you and your family on May 21. We will also be recognizing the graduates in the service. Please RSVP to Josh at jglidewell@lhchurch.com by May 14th.

Engage: Global 2017

Would you consider going, praying and sending in 2017? Going could mean a short-term trip that leads to along-term connection with Gospel work somewhere in the world. All summer trips can take more people for a couple of more weeks. Also, now is the time to pray and make plans for our two Fall trips (Germany and DC). Get info and ll out an interest form at the Mission Workshop or at lhchurch. com/engage. Contact Greg Jackson with any questions (gjackson@lhchurch.com).

CentriKid Camp

CentriKid Camp will be Sunday, June 11 – Thursday, June 15 for all kids who have completed 3rd-5th grade. Space is limited. Mark your calendars to ensure your student can attend. Register at lhmem.ch/centrikidcamp2017.

Help LH:VE 2017

LH:VE is asking for help with childcare and meals on various Sundays throughout next year. Sign up as an individual, family, small group, or mission community at lhchurch.com. Click “HelpVE” on the homepage.

Student Life Camp

If you have students 6th-12th grade, we are heading to Orange Beach, AL on Thursday, June 15 through Monday,June19. Register online now atlhmem.ch/studentlife2017. The cost is $400. You won’t want to miss it!