Clothed in Beauty

Earlier this month, Living Hope had a She Community Event called Clothed in Beauty. Women of all ages came together for dinner and to hear representatives from two clothing lines talk about the current fashion styles. The ongoing theme from both women was how to be fashionable, while at the same time, honoring ourselves and glorifying our Creator. It is possible to dress modestly AND look cute and be “in-style”. At different stages of life, different clothing is appropriate. Ultimately our beauty does not come from the external, which fades, but from within – from a woman’s heart who loves and fears the Lord.

During the next part of the night Chad and Kelley Spencer spoke to us about beauty from a male and female perspective. Psalm 139:14 tells us, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” This brought to mind the question, do I believe the truth in God’s word that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”?

We were asked to write down two lists: 1. “I feel beautiful because” and 2. “I don’t feel beautiful because.” Many of us know how to answer the first, Psalm 139 or exclaim, “God made us”. But do I truly believe that in my heart? Do you? If I was honest with my list, I define my beauty by how my husband sees me, what the scale says, or how I compare myself to other women. Chad and Kelley then asked us to name off the different things, the “stuff” in our lives, in which we find our identity. Is it your spouse, children, home, job, money, morality, knowledge, social media, etc? My list of “stuff” goes on and on, but the one place that matters, my identity as a Christian is in Jesus and what He has done for me, was not the first thing that came to mind. Is it for you?

Chad talked to us about fashion from a man’s perspective, and spoke to how women’s dress can impact our brothers in Christ. He shared with us a prayer for his wife that asks God to let him only have eyes for her. Ladies, when we step out each day, ask yourself “am I dressing for the approval or God or for the approval of man?” We tend to attach our identities to others and not to God.

Kelley ended with this quote from a friend and author of “Do You Think I Am Beautiful?”, Angela Thomas: “We dress from the assurance and fullness that we are already seen by the Father.” As a beloved daughter adopted through the blood of Christ, the Lord sees me for all that I was, all that I am, and all that I will be. What greater assurance is there than that?

Written by Jennifer Gordon