Weekly Newsletter – October 2, 2016

Weekly Newsletter – 10/2/16

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So you want to be a deacon?

What is a deacon? At Living Hope Church (LHC), the deacons are appointed by and accountable to the Elders. We currently have eight active deacons, both male and female, serving as a team to minister to the Body of Christ at LHC Piperton. A deacon must be a covenant member of LHC.

photo-1464245051818-30da1a636203What are the responsibilities of a deacon? In a broad sense, the deacons serve the practical needs of the Body, promote unity in the Body, and support the ministry of the Word. Meeting the practical needs of the Body (benevolence) is most commonly thought of as financial assistance in a crisis, but it also includes spiritual needs, physical needs, and emotional needs. The deacons distribute benevolence funds appropriated by the Elders to members, non- members, attenders, and non-attenders in crisis through an application and interview process conducted by at least two deacons and then discussed by the deacon team. Deacons also provide referrals for housing and counseling services, provide assistance with personal budgeting and debt reduction, make hospital and long term care facility visits, collect data on the gifts and talents of the church to use for referrals, coordinate volunteer services (such as meals), and assist the Elders administer communion.

I have served as a deacon at LHC since October 2013. It has been a time during which God has drawn me closer to Himself and enabled me to serve Him in ways I can hardly believe.

The benevolence interviews are extremely humbling and heart wrenching to conduct, but to help someone in crisis is both glorifying to God and much needed encouragement to those being helped.

LHC takes a benevolence offering during the Christmas Eve and Easter services. The assistance the deacons provide would not be possible without your support. Thank you!

I started doing hospital visits after Bill Christian handed me a prayer request card asking for a visit and said, “Go for it, deacon!”. Inserting myself into the pain and suffering of an individual and/or a family was both intimidating and painful, but with lots of prayer, I found it to be walking in the shoes of Jesus and extending His hand of love to them.

Also, Roy Bowery and I participated in a Faith and Finances workshop led by David Hayes and Terri Barnes (deacon at LH VE). The workshop resulted in relationships being built, but it also resulted in three people getting jobs for the first time EVER!

Administering communion is always an emotional experience for me. I pray those who have received communion are blessed because I know I receive a blessing from it.

I initially thought being a deacon would be difficult and it sometimes is, but overall my serving has been personally enriching and a complete blessing.

So, you wanna be a deacon? There will be a deacon nomination period in the future. Successfully complete the application process and join the team!

Written by Ron Favaloro


The LH360: REACH giving program began May 1! If you consider LH your home and have yet to pledge, please prayerfully consider joining us in REACH. You can find out more at lh360.lhchurch.com. Pledged giving continues over the next 36 months according to your pledge. Pledged and non-pledged gifts can be made online or by check and cash. Thank you!

Evening Ladies Bible Study

The She Community is offering Jen Pollock Michel’s Teach Us to Want Bible study beginning October 18. Cindy Taylor will host and facilitate this five week study. The study will take place at 9616 Mourning Dove Cove Germantown, from 7-8:30p. Cost of the book is $13.00. Sign-up at the Welcome Center or by emailing office@lhchurch.com. Don’t forget to bring a friend!

New Small Group in Arlington Area

Living Hope is starting a new group in the Arlington-Eads- Barlett-Lakeland-Oakland area for those that are Married/ Single and are age 50 and up. The group will meet on Wednesday nights and will be led by Keith and Debra Hamsley. Please contact Bill Christian at bchristian@lhchurch.com if you are interested. You will love this group!

Discover Living Hope

Have you been attending Living Hope but would like to know more about who we are, what we believe, how to join a Small Group, serve, or become a member? Then join us October 23 during the 9am or 10:45am hours for Discover Living Hope. It’s a casual setting where you can meet new people and ask questions of Living Hope pastors and elders. If you choose to pursue membership at Living Hope, this is also a required step in that process.

Becoming a Member of Living Hope

Along with attending a Discover Living Hope class, our membership process includes completing three classes (Gospel, Community, and Mission) either online or “live” during the 9am or 10:45am hours. We prefer that people attend these informative Sunday classes where you can interact with new people and ask questions of Living Hope pastors and elders. The next “live” classes begin Sunday, October 30. You can begin the online process anytime by visitinglhchurch.com and clicking on the “Online Membership” link on the home page.