Mexico 2016

Mexico 2016

IMG_1086We moved to Tennessee in November of last year, 6 hours away from our closest family member. We were fortunate to have some dear relationships in the community, and we knew that we wanted to get plugged in to Living Hope and begin to find ways to serve. When we were presented with this opportunity to go to Mexico, we knew this was what we wanted to do with our boys. 

Taking a family of 5 anywhere isn’t the cheapest endeavor, and leading up to the trip we saw The Lord provide in so many different ways, through some amazing people who we didn’t know six months prior. 

IMG_1038It was the first mission trip for our three boys (Jax, Jantzen, and Jett) and the first out of the country for me (Jaafar). While we were there we saw our boys stretched and used, and they responded with grace and excitement at every opportunity they came across. We experienced worship in a foreign language, and it gave us and our boys a glimpse of what worship will be like for eternity with Our Father.  One of the greatest experiences as a parent was seeing our boys worship with people who were strangers a day before, and share the gospel with boldness to people who did not speak their language. Living in a culture of entitlement, this trip gave our entire family time to sit and understand that our life is not about us… It is about sharing the love of our Savior and serving others as Christ served us. 

IMG_1074When we arrived back in Tennessee after a long day of travel, our middle son Jantzen said “when I have a family, I want to take them on mission trips!” We knew that the boys got it. We’ve seen The Lord provide in many ways throughout, and another way was when we got back, knowing that the relationships we built with other members of Living Hope had given us family. The friendships we created gave us more family here and helped make Tennessee “home” now. 

– Jennah and Jaafar Gassid